Identify Your Talents

In life its most likely you will be asked by someone ‘What you’re good at?’ or most probably even yourself think about it. If you do not have an immediate answer to such a question – or your are not certain about your talents, you may well come to the conclusion that you are not good at anything. Unfortunately, this kind of uncertainty answers or thinking is harmful and unproductive.

 It is very important to discover your talent in life. If you are yet to discover your talent, how can you know the talent you possess and how to use it?

Understand your nature

Understand your nature. Your nature is like a compass that gives direction to how and where to discover your talent. Your nature is defined by your genetic behaviour, character, and instinct. The understanding of your nature will lead you to discover your talent. Therefore, learn more about yourself. Understand why you act the way you do. Know your emotions. Pay attention to your instinct. Go with a online personality tests you can take to have a better understanding of yourself. 

Ask your closest friends and family members what they think you do best and what you are good at. If you don’t want to ask directly, then think about compliments you usually receive, relating to things you have done.

Accept Changes

It’s often said that change is a constant thing. As humans, we always wish for a change. However, it could be a change in status, surroundings, character, or situation. That’s right, the best way to get to know yourself and learn about your talents is to invest in a range of different experiences. Try new activities you’ve never tried before and even if you find that you’re not as good at them as you hoped you might be, you’ll be discovering more about yourself in doing so.

Change is a desire and it has the ability to push us towards discovering our talent in life. What change do you desire?  When do you desire a change? How much change do you want to see? Why is it important?  Your desire for a change will surely lead you to discover your talent.

Understand your inner child

Sometimes the people who have known us the longest are the people who know us the best. Ask your family what you used to do as a kid – maybe you always played alone, with friends, made up stories, wrote, drew, acted out scenes, played baseball, read books. More than likely these are things you still love today, but some things we easily forget as we grow into responsible, mature, serious adults.

Despite our transition to adulthood, the Inner child is very much alive within us. People always say “do away with childish things and assume your adulthood life,” forgetting that Adulthood is not psychologically defined in age, body features and stature but in the ability to understand oneself, associate with oneself, and ability to connect with both the inner child and the inner adult. Understand the circumstances that made you feel neglected, disparaged, abandoned or rejected. Understanding and connecting with your inner child will guide your present behaviour and predict future outcomes. Hence, it will lead you to discover your talent.

Face struggles positively

Without struggle, you won’t know the level of your strength. Struggling is our way of getting what we deserve. The more you struggle, the more you realize how far you can go and how close you get to achieving your dream. The Struggles prompts you to unveiles your talents.

Life struggles make us realize our initial limit point, and then help us to stretch the limit point and build resilience in us. Your struggles will help you discover your talent and lead you to success.

Helping Others

Helping others gives meaning to your life and existence. When you have the spirit of helping others, you constantly think of people’s problem and how to solve it. In the process to solve people’s problem, your talent will be unveiled. Helping other people will help you to build your capacity, make you relevant and help you to unleash your potentials.

Look talents of others

Sometimes being inspired by others’ talents makes us realize what we’re good at, too. If you are a writer and you read something that absolutely connects with your soul, try to define what exactly lit you up. Conversely, if you see talent in others and feel jealous you can use this to your advantage as well. Ask this person to mentor you, give you advice or simply chat over coffee. Reaching out and seeing talent in others will open up opportunities and connections while helping you define your own.

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