Turn Your Futile Toils Into Fruitful Toil

For a man to meet his daily need he needs to work. If we not work properly or denies to work or find excuse to work hard, we will not meet our needs in our life and become lazy and feel bored in our life. No man can live without working and all toil have it’s own reward or wages or result.

But if when your toil turns to vain without reward or wages or result how big will be that disappointment and displeasure in life. In some point of life we all face such disappointment and displeasure. I heard many said and some complaint’s that “I work hard but doesn’t make sense; I am not rewarded for my hard works; management companies never mind when I gave my best”

Man’s Futile Toil

Let me introduce you one incident; here is a man who toiled hard and his toil becomes futile, if Any of us are in this situation sure we will be disappointed. We may faced some situation in our life the same way. Here’s a man named Peter who work hard whole night for catching fish resulted to futile toil.

Good Heart To Give

When he was winding up his nets Jesus met Peter and asked to give his boat as a pulpit as a stage for His work. Peter had a good heart to give his boat to Jesus even after all night of his toil become futile, but Jesus was certain to choose Peter’s boat. Peter did what Jesus was asked to him, giving his boat and Jesus sat down and thought the people from boat. Once he finished preaching he did not left Peter without rewarding him for letting his boat as pulpit for His work.

Expert Peter Replied Jesus From His Experience

Jesus said to Peter “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”(Luke 5:4 NIV). By this Peter was certain that Jesus has no idea about the lake of Gennesaret and fishing.

Peter replied to Jesus “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything”(Luke 5:5 NIV). By his reply Peter was teaching Jesus “master it’s not the time to catch fish- we’re at day now, night is the time to fish, I am an expert in fishing, I tried hard last night skillfully which is the right time for put down nets for fishing, but even at that proper time I catch nothing- so what makes sense to catch the fish at daytime when the sun is shining upon and piercing the water where we not get nothing.”

Respect For Jesus Words

But even though respecting Jesus as a master and a teacher Peter replied “But because you say so, I will let down the net.” Peter might think to himself ‘I will obey his command although I know the result will be futile.

Miracles At Obedience

When Peter did what Jesus said, there was a big catch of large number of fish that their nets began to break they took the help of their companions boats to help them and they reached for help, and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.


Peter astonished at the greatest catch of one net. Peter who was working since a long year in the same lake at same profession could not understand the way and the principles of this great catch. The moment was so astonishing for Peter. Never in his life he fished at night and sure this will be the greatest catch of fish throughout his profession. Strage thing happened out from all their experience. He couldn’t get time to realize as this was a miracle. But somehow understood and revealed about the foreknowledge of Jesus as a Master, Teacher and now has a Lord. Peter never expect that the word of Jesus turns into live miracle. Peter was sure by his reply “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything” now Peter with guilt on him for what he teached Jesus about his futile toil about past night and from his expertise.

Many often Jesus guide each of us out from our experience and expectations to be filled. But always our expectations are in seasons, we never expect at off seasons because we never saw it nor we get anything out off seasons- we say the time is gone. But Jesus assures us that His words and guidance bring miracles live for us.


Now he fell at Jesus knees and said “go away from me Lord I am a sinful man”-(even though I am an expertise in fishing and know every principle of fishing, about the lake, having great experience I never realized the greatest power of Your word, and You. You are so greater than all I have and I gained- above my experience, skills, knowledge, and confidence, so go away from me Lord I am a sinful man). Peter realised that Jesus was not as a normal Teacher or Master or Prophet, but His teachings, His word, astonishing live miracle revealed Jesus as Lord for Peter.

When Jesus is in your boat,

And when He works for you,

When you are into His astonishing miracles,

The revelations about Him turns higher.

Jesus Teaches You New

In our lives we often think we are experts having many years of experience- we know better about our situation and circumstances, we know the proper time and place, when and where to Invest; so we choose our ways in life instead of learning His new ways. But our Lord Jesus Christ wants to teach you something new out from your expertise, skills, ability and experience, about his time, place and about his ways. His ways are not the ways what you expect but strange and new for you. We can trust Jesus than anyone in this world when He is our teacher. So lets learn from and experience its beauty.

Jesus Wants To Get In Your Boat

Here as Peter let his boat to Jesus after a futile toil from past night, give your life to Jesus or your futile toiled life or your empty life or discouraging life of your past to Jesus. He know to use your boat(life) even if it is empty, if toiled vain. Allowing Jesus to get in your life will worth and others can listen about Him from you. At His very Obey His words and command out from all your experience and expectations, so you will be filled astonishingly. Even though it is not the proper time and proper place but the word- the command of the Lord Jesus turns improper time, place and situation a perfect time, place and moments and your futile past into fruitful future. Lord Jesus want to teach you many things in life out from all your experience, expertise and skills even though it sound strange.

Jesus Appoints You

Moreover Jesus wants to appoint Peter for His special purpose so He said “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”(Luke 5:10 NIV). Now Peter understood the call who marveled him at the greatest catch of fish from his whole life experience and against the principles of the world he learned. Thus he and his companion pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Jesus. Now they are sure about whom they are following the one who is greatest of all their possessions- experience, skills, boat and the lake. Because they learned Jesus differently on three occasions in this event- when Jesus was teaching on the boat, when Jesus said to down the nets, when they got the greatest catch of fish. Peter and his companion are well assured about the call of Jesus and whom they follow.

Listen Jesus

At the moment once you realize the might of Jesus in your life by allowing Jesus to let in, you will too listen His supreme call for His wonderful purpose assuredly. Because Jesus is greatest of any education, experience and of all the possessions in this world. Surely Jesus will fill you full even you are empty after your futile toil.

Welcome Jesus

If you not yet realize the might of Jesus or not given your life as Peter gave his boat, turn this moment to welcome Jesus in your life. Let your past be a futile toil and let all your situation and circumstances be like that, by letting your life to Jesus for His purpose turns your futile toil to fruitful toil by His words for you and will leads you to astonishing glorious life.

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