Wheel Pose (Chakrasana) – Benefits of Chakrasana

Chakrasana or the Wheel Pose is linked to many health benefits, including better lung function. Learn the benefits of practicing this yoga asana and how to do it correctly. Chakrasana is also called Urdva Dhanurasana. Chakrasana is one of the excellent backward bending asanas that helps yoga practitioners gain greater flexibility. This asana brings more flexibility to your spine. In gymnastics and acrobatics, this position is known as back bridge.

This pose should not be performed without a proper warm-up. Before practicing this asana, you can begin with sukshma vyayam or subtle exercises to prepare your body for this pose.

How To Perform Wheel Pose

  1. Lie down on the back with two hands on your side.
  2. Bend the knees and bring the heels near to your buttocks as much as possible. Your heels should be about one foot apart wider as your shoulder.
  3. Now, raise your hands and bring them back to the side of your ears. You can place your palms on floor with fingers pointing towards shoulders.
  4. Lift body up by using proper support of your feet as well as palms and slightly rotate your head looking towards your floor.
  5. Stretch your shoulder, buttoks and thighs. In the last position, the body looks similar as arch, almost similar to a wheel. Based on your individual practice and ability maintain the pose.
  6. In order to release this position, you can lower the body till it safely touches the ground. You can straighten your two legs. Your hands can go reverse to the normal position to its sides.
  7. This yoga pose should be followed by the forward bending positions in order to counteract any pressure due to your back bend.

You can maintain this Chakrasana pose for 30 seconds to 3 minute as per stability and strength.

How To Breath During Wheel Pose

Breath-in– as you raise your body in to Chakrasana position.

Breath-out– as you are coming down and bending your legs and arms slowly, bending the chin towards your chest, as well as gently release your shoulders, waist, buttocks and head onto ground. At final, you can breathe and relax normally.

Benifits Of Wheel Pose

• The chest expands and the lungs get more oxygen – this makes the pose especially beneficial for asthma patients.
• It reduces the stress and tension in the body.
• Sharpens eyesight.
• This asana helps to strengthen the back and increases the elasticity of the spine.
• It reduces the fat in the abdominal area and tones the digestive and reproductive organs.
• It strengthens the muscles of the hands and the legs.
• It stimulates the endocrine glands and maintains the body metabolism at an optimal level.
• It stimulates the processes of the liver, spleen, and kidneys.
• It enhances the purification and circulation of blood.
• It gives peace and clarity of thought.
• It removes tiredness and makes you feel energised.
• It is good for infertility and osteoporosis.
• It builds stamina.
• It removes dullness from the body and mind.


  • Most importantly, this yoga pose should be completely avoided by individual who suffer from the high blood pressure, cardiac ailments, vertigo and cardiac ailments and who have recently undergone surgeries.
  • Individuals who are suffering from critical spinal column ailments, like lumbar spondylitis and cervical should completely avoid this pose.
  • It is not recommended for people who suffer from blood pressure, chronic diseases and heart troubles.
  • You avoid this pose if you are suffering from serious hernia.

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