Willingness Of God To Touch Your life

During this pandemic period we all are taking careful precautions and safety measures. If any one is detected with Corona virus they are to be treated in isolation. We all went through isolation many times during lockdown times. This pandemic disease make the patient isolated from their family, society untill recovery and, even after recovery he/she should stay isolated for some weeks. All may think this would be the worst pandemic diseases ever faced, but God is faithful to touch you.

Above all this pandemic situation and isolation, there is a kind of disease afflictes to many from ancient times- “leprosy”. In ancient times, the persons who is affected with leprosy are isolated and are denied from their family, society and, the patients life will be miserable than a corna patient. No one should touch the lepers(leprosy patient), they should live out of the city or village in solitary place. They should warn others about their sickness to keep others away from them. The end of leper is very pethatic in ancient times considering todays advanced treatments.

In the Levitical law given to Moses, the leper should cry saying Unclean! Unclean! Under the old dispensation leaper declared unclean and no medical means were provided for their care. As to leprosy it was a loathsome and pitiful diseases. Here is chronic leper craying to Jesus for help Luke 5: 12-14

Leprosy was nothing short of a living death a corruption of all the humours, a poisoning of the very Springs of life; a dissolution little by little of the whole body, so that one Limbo after another actually decade and fell away.

The disease Moreover was incurable by the art and skill of man-not that the leaper might not return to health, for, however rare such cures might be, the are contemplated as possible in the Levitical law.

In our life we to faced these kind of situation even we have good health, situations like rejection, loneliness, accused, reasoning. But above all your situation and your understanding God is faithful to accept you without any grudge.

Rejected By Society

The Jews called leprosy the “finger of God” or “the stroke” indicating thereby that the disease was regarded as a direct punishment from God and absolutely incurable, except by the same divine power which permitted it. Being “full of leprosy” in medical term chronic condition, this suffer was in an advanced stage of leprosy. As a leper, he had to leave apart from others, and where on his brow the outward sign of separation, and cry out the word of warning, “Unclean! Unclean! (Leviticus 13:45).

With Reverence At Lord’s Feet

Leper as “falling on his knees” expressing the highest form of eastern homeage. True reverence was his in the presence of the one he called “Lord”. Acutely conscious of his need, the leaper was to find cleansing at the feet of Him whose power is unlimited. When we accept the truth of His lordship, there is no difficulty in crediting Him with almightiness.

Leper’s Doubt and Lord’s willingness

The leper had heard of Christ work of healing or having listened to his remarkable discourses felt that He was able to act as well. The sufferers request contain a singular mingling of faith and distrust. There was no doubt in his mind about Christ’s but what the leper doubt was Christ’s willingness to relieve him of his leprosy- “If Though wilt”. The Leper wondered whether the divine healer would stop and touch one so unclean. As he felt that his foul disease was a result of sin, would He pity and relieve?

Compassionate Touch Of Lord

It will be noticed that the leper sought cleansing, not healing. This was because of the notion that uncleanness was attached to the malady. In Lord’s reply He employed the leper’s own words and commanded him to be cleansed.

Others Rejection And Lord’s Acceptance

While other’s meeting the leper, drew back in horror and evaded him. But the Lord was touched with feeling by the man’s infirmity and compassion which led to contact, for He touched him. The first thing He did here was the last any other would have dreamed of doing Levi 13:44-46. Under the Mosaic(law given to Moses) law, to touch leper means defilement and social death. As the Healer and Saviour of men, He stretched out His hand and touched the leper.

His Divine Holiness

Had Jesus been a mere man, to have touched the leaper would have been to defile himself; but because he was a God-man that touch did not defile Him. The sun shines on earth pollution but remains unscathed in its on purity and splendour.
The one He touched was cleansed. Through that Supernatural touch health overcome sickness, purity overcome pollution, life and death. Christ touched the leaper, showing that his sacred flesh imparted sanctification.

The Command Of King “I Will”

First the contact then the command and finally the cure. Accompanying the deed with his Kingly word, Jesus said “I will” and the question of willingness was quickly settled and matter of doubt in the leper’s mind vanished. The leper was immediately cleansed. Instantaneously the leprosy disappeared and the skin was made whole. Sores were closed and the ones foul flesh took on the tints and tones of robust health.

Willing To Cleanse Your Sin

He who is able to cure the disease which is the type of sin can cleanse sin itself. His healing miracles have a reference to Christ Saviour works, for diseases are at once effects and emblems of sin. The ugly, festering sores the leaper bore in his body weather outward and visible tokens of sin in the soul, and in Christ’s miracle of healing we have a symbol of His power to purify and save from sin. No matter how vile your sins maybe “His touch has still it’s divine power” to cleanse you.

Come Near To Him

He is willing to touch you, so without matter of doubt let’s bestow at the feet of this compassionate Lord who always willing to heal you completely- not only diseases but your valuable life too.

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