Adamant Faith |Four Friends For Their Friend

Teacher And The Mob

The vividness of the narrative make it easy for us to picture what took place. The brightly coloured crowds of interested peoples pressing in at the door, and within, either in a larger upper room, or in the cool courtyard was Christ the teacher, proclaiming to pharisees and scribes, and the peoples the truths that seemed so new to them. Moreover “the power of the lord was present to heal them” in Jesus Christ, which means that he was present to accomplish any work of healing.

Friends Whith Their Sick Friend

Four men arrived late that day with their poor, pitiful burden of the paralytic on his bed. Sizing up the situation, the bearers in the invincible determination of love and hope, carried their burden upstairs to the roof and suddenly let down the bed before the speaker- Jesus Christ, challenging thereby his attention and compassion.

Compassionate Lord

As to the malady of the men brought to Jesus was palsied. The technical Greek word is uses to pronounced paralysis from diseases of some part of nervous system. Jesus called the sufferer “son” or as it literally means “child”. Such a fatherly tone of love and pity suggest that the palsied man was comparatively young and completely disabled.

Adamant Faith

There are several aspects of this incident to be distinguished. First of all, there were the for friends who were determined to bring the helpless friend into the circle of healing. Unable to get to Jesus in the ordinary way because of the crowd around and in the house, the bearers took the palsied man to the roof. Their determination to place him at the feet of Jesus was an evidence of their faith that he would be healed. But the problem here is to contact with speaker the teacher-Jesus inside the home. Here they were with a helpless man on their hands, yet inside was the Teacher they were not able to reach who was able to restore the friend to full health. Faith such as those four men had made them trying other way to let their palsied friend before the speaker without bothering the Impossibilities, and so from an opening in the flat roof of the house, the pallet was let down by ropes.

Reward For The Faith

One can imagine how the whole audience must have looked up in amazement at the bold action of the four men. The teaching of Jesus stopped, the people were agog with excitement, and the scribes and pharisees, suspicious at what might happen, were particularly watchful. Jesus however was not perturbed. The boldness of act must have pleased Him. He who never takes ill that faith which brings men to Him, is in nothing offended at this interruption. How quick he was to respond to it! He rewarded the faith of the four bearers. Seeing their faith- a faith penetrating through all obstacles to reach Him-Jesus miraculously undertook for the the sick man. Faith was often the condition for which He waited before He could do any mighty work. He found it in the friends of the paralytic. It was their faith rather than any faith the sufferer may have had, that Jesus honored. Pleased with the inventiveness and preservence of their faith, Jesus responded to their desire.

Miracle By Forgiveness Of Sin

Here the double miracle, miracle of grace then a miracle of power. Forgiveness came before healing; how astonished the bearers and people alike must have been when they heard Jesus say, as the helpless man rested before Him. “Son be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven to you”. Was that the act and word of healing that the friends and crowd breathlessly expected? What had forgiveness of sins to do with the palsy(paralised man)? But Jesus set the spiritual and temporal in their right relationship. By implication, sin was responsible for the men’s paralyzed condition, so the cause is dealt with first before the effect. The bodily infirmity was not such an intolerable weight as the sins of the soul. So, as he lay there before God incarnate, the paralytic though was not of his stiff limbs but of his wonded conscience. What is the use of all the physical healing in the world if there be no cure of the disease of sin?

Authority To Forgive Your Sin

Exercising His divine prerogative, Christ forgave the man his sin, fulfilling the prophecy of old testament “who forgive all your inequities Psalm 103:3”. In forgiving the mans sin Jesus healed him radically. The command to raise and walk, as we shall see was of the same piece. Jesus by saying ” your sins are forgiven” and “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home” which is sealed with authority and power. Immediately the pardoned one rose and took up his bed and walked.

Strange Miracle

No wonder the people said “we have seen strange things today.” what an experience it was for the sinful paralytic- two miracle wrought on him by one act. The disease Jesus healed is one in which human skill is nearly unveiling, even in the present state of advanced science; yet Jesus healed the paralytic in a moment by a word. Although his couch was light, he lifted it up and carried it away. The sign of his sickness was now the sign of his cure.

The bed had borne the man, now the man was bearing the bed, and the crowd ones blocking up his path when he was carried to the house, now makes way for him to walk out with a cleansed soul and a throughly healed body.

The result of man’s supernatural cure was instantaneous and remarkable. The people marveled, were afraid and overwhelmed and ascribed glory to God .

Jesus Forgives Your Sin

Palsy is a fit emblem of sin’s paralyzing power and of the utter helpless of the sinner to do anything for his own relief. Yet the cross made possible a merciful provision for a palsied race “When we wear yet without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly-Roman 5:6” Then the miracle presents Jesus as being able to immediately cancel the bondage of sin and rise the sinner from a morel weakness. He never leaves His pordened ones under the paralyzing yoke of sin. When He frees us from its guilt, He delivers us also from its service.

Come Near To Jesus Christ

Another fact is that while no moral paralytic can be saved by and another’s faith, yet that one can be brought by another to Him who alone can deliver. If you have a burden regarding a friend who is palsied by sin and is helpless and hopeless in his or her life, then that one must be “borne of four” by your consecrated life, your compassionate love, your prevailing intercession and your undaunted faith.

Hope this message touches your soul to come near to the throne of Jesus Christ, as He will never denies you and always faithful to purden you sins, by washing you through His blameless blood- atonement and sacrificed blood for the punishment of your sins. Share your valuable feedback.

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