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Transformer – Winding Resistance Test

Winding resistance test of transformers are very important test to perform at factory and at site. While transformers are transported, loded and unloaded it is important to check the following calculations during the testing of transformer prior commissioning, which can be carried out through winding resistance test. Calculations of the I²R component of conductor losses.Continue reading “Transformer – Winding Resistance Test”

Transformer Testing- Type Test| Routine Test

To ensure the performance and compliance of specifications transformer should go through various testing procedures. In general, testing of power transformer can be segregate into two part as on the basis of testings at manufacturer’s factory and testings at site after the delivery of transformer. Generally manufacturer’s perform routine test and type test directly orContinue reading “Transformer Testing- Type Test| Routine Test”

Satisfy Your Spirit

Are you not satisfied in your life? bored of your daily life, your daily routines? Are you not able to grow Spiritually? Here is the secret why we are not able lead a joyful and peaceful life and days and routines; we are missing some who really help us to be enthusiastic in our days andContinue reading “Satisfy Your Spirit”

Bugatti Chiron vs Dassault Rafale M F3 – A drag race not for the faint-hearted

It is not every day that one gets to describe a drag race. Bugatti has revealed a video and several images showing off the duel that took place at Dassault’s headquarters in France recently. The drag race took place at an airstrip in Landivisiau, northwest France. The Chiron featured in the drag race is oneContinue reading “Bugatti Chiron vs Dassault Rafale M F3 – A drag race not for the faint-hearted”


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